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Villa Oliva's ambience

Back to nature

Boasting white stone and wood as the dominating materials, Villa Oliva is harmoniously connected with the agricultural character of the Antiparos.

Full of olive trees, vineyards and aromatic flowers, Kampos is the place where guests can sense the authentic side of the island of Antiparos.

Antiparos Villa Oliva
Antiparos Villa Oliva

Kampos’ landscape

The green getaway

With respect to the traditional way of life, the villa infuses the direct connection with the land and its treasures setting the perfect getaway for those who wish to unwind with the natural aromas and the green scenery.

The center of Antiparos

Next to everything

Staying in the center of the island count many advantages for our guests: they can indulge into the natural elements of Kambos, avoid the crowds of the Antiparos town, while being very close to it to enjoy the nightlife and market and in close proximity to the island’s untouched beach with the crystal water, the renowned Livadia beach.

Antiparos port: 5 km / 8 min. drive

Livadia beach: 1.3 km / 3 min. drive

Antiparos cave: 4.4 km / 9 min. drive

Agios Georgios: 11 km / 16 min. drive